EuroEGO - Stands, Exhibition equipment, Advertising

Company's activity:

Trade and production: manufacture, assemble and sell a variety of exposition, mobile stands, signs, brochure holders, floor stands, banners, info-counters, truss systems, popup systems, promotional video stands, plastic and aluminum frames, showcases, cabinets, flagpoles and etc. Most of the products we manufacture according to individual orders!

Services: We carry out various products, product and service design works. Prepare photos and videos, doing animation, photo retouching and editing works.

Layout and publishing: postcards (printed, electronic, static and animated), tickets, brochures, leaflets, labels, letterhead, envelopes, brand, brand marks, illustrations, packaging, calendars (wall, desktop, pocket), cash receipts, catalogs, books, invitations, brochure, logo, bags, discount coupons, gratitude, service and promotional catalogs, posters, paper flags, promotional and representative publications, promotional leaflets, magazines, invoices, flyers, business cards and many more...

Rent - inquire: we construct and rent exhibition stands and their parts, accessories. We can deliver equipment in Lithuania and other foreign countries. We can prepare sketches, 3D visualization, the non-standard ideas and implement them.

Delivery and installation: according to customer requirements, equipment ordered deliver and assemble all Lithuanian cities, the European Union countries and neighboring countries.



Tasting table with transport bag: "Popup"
Price: 369 220 € + VAT
!!! -40% !!!
Tasting table with transport bag: "Promos"
Price: 159 103 € + VAT
!!! -35% !!!
Tasting Table: "Proper"
With transportation bags
Price: 178 99 € + VAT
With upper part
Price: 196 109 € + VAT
!!! -45% !!!
Barrier stand: "INSIDE" (Germany):
With red tape up to 200cm.
Price: 108 54 € + VAT
!!! -50% !!!
Rent: 8 € + VAT \ pcs.
Queue barrier stand "EKONOM" (Germany):
Price: 112 56 € + VAT \ pcs. (silver)
Price: 126 63 € + VAT \ pcs. (gold)
!!! -50% !!!
Queue barrier stand "ROYAL" (Germany):
Price: 135 97 € + VAT \ pcs.
(can be silver or gold color)

Rent: 12 € + VAT \ pcs.
(1 golden stand + 1 red rope)
Brochure holder "Melat X"
5 layers; A4
material: iron
Price: 206 144 € + VAT
!!! -30% !!!

When ordering a flagstone,
delivery (except Neringa)

!!! FOR FREE !!!

Flexible stands "ISOframe"
Fully flexible system
First in the world
Swedish production
10 year warranty!
Stands "FOGA" aluminium
Swedish production
10 year warranty!
Truss System
"Stand system X"

Especially light!
Extremely compact!
Danish production
Rent available
"EGO" Stands
Exhibition stands with full graphical views
Swedish production
10 year warranty!
"Gear" Stands
Flexible exhibition stands
Rent available